Monday, August 25, 2008

TesLA Alliance Targets Open IP Test Automation Framework

Ixia and a set of key industry partners have formed a new TesLA Alliance that aims to provide an open, multivendor automation framework for testing IP platforms and services. This will enable service providers and enterprises to automate their end-to-end testing. Ixia is hosting TesLA Alliance briefings and product demonstrations at its iSimCity proof-of-concept lab in Santa Clara, California. A common automation framework ensures interoperability among members' products.

The founding TesLA members are APCON, Codenomicon, Fanfare, Ixia, Mu Dynamics, QualiSystems and Shunra.

The companies believe a common automation framework is needed because networking labs typically contain test equipment from multiple, disparate vendors. This drives the need for seamless integration and interoperability among the various tools. As a result, IP test automation has moved to center stage because it is the only way quality can be assured after product upgrades, network modifications and software patches.

The TesLA framework is based on Ixia's Test Conductor IP test automation solution.