Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nth Air Deploys WiMAX Network in Denver with Fujitsu

Nth Air, a wireless broadband service provider planning a nationwide WiMAX network, has launched a wireless broadband solution across Denver in time for next week's Democratic National Convention. The WiMAX network is available for the 5,000 delegates and more than 15,000 members of the media expected to attend the political event.

The fixed point-to-multipoint network will provide broadband wireless Internet data, VoIP and video services for businesses and municipalities who can subscribe to the service during the convention and not be locked into a long-term contract. WiMAX-compliant point-to-point connectivity is also available to connect users staying at different hotels in wide area network configurations.

Nth Air provides completely integrated, end-to-end wireless broadband solutions from business-class connectivity to transport access, disaster recovery, professional services, and managed services. Up to 1 Gbps symmetrical, dedicated, scalable services are delivered to support subscriber needs. Nth Air is committed to extending the network reach of individuals and businesses that need to be connected any time, any place and anywhere.

Fujitsu Network Communications delivered the fixed and mobile WiMAX equipment for Nth Air. The Fujitsu WiMAX solution that Nth Air purchased operates in the 3.65 GHz spectrum, which is ideal for quickly deploying wireless broadband services to rural or underserved markets.

Fujitsu has an alliance with Airspan Networks to market and support their portfolio of WiMAX solutions, including FCC-certified 3.65 GHz macrocells, picocells and customer premise equipment. This alliance is an extension of the co-development agreement in place to bring high powered mobile WiMAX base stations to the global market.

Nth Air is headquartered in San Jose, Calif., with network capabilities in the greater San Francisco Bay area, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Denver.

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