Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nortel Acquires DiamondWare for Positional Voice Technology

Nortel has acquired DiamondWare, a start-up software developer specializing in high-definition, proximity-based 3D positional voice technology, for approximately $7 million in cash, plus up to an additional $3 million to DiamondWare security holders based on achievement of future business milestones over the next 40 months.

DiamondWare uses wideband, stereo capability and custom spatial positioning to make audio conferences more realistic. The technology has been deployed in gaming environments and in U.S. military tactical intercom systems, and by a broad range of carriers and equipment manufacturers.

Nortel said the acquisition furthers its drive to transform communications to allow people to collaborate in more interactive and immersive ways.

DiamondWare is based in Mesa, Arizona.http://www.nortel.com