Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Nominum Protects Against DNS Cache Poisoning and Pharming

Nominum announced that its ISP customers, which serve more than 120 million broadband Internet users, are protected against the new DNS vulnerability . Nominum's new software adds additional security measures, including UDP Source Port Randomization, to its existing set of security measures that have been designed to protect global broadband subscribers from DNS cache poisoning and pharming attacks.

"The events of the last five weeks highlight the profound importance of DNS to the proper functioning of the Internet and the critical role Nominum plays in protecting it," said Tom Tovar CEO of Nominum. "Our customers around the world demonstrated an extraordinary commitment and ability to address this problem quickly and efficiently. Their confidence in Nominum, built on a long history of stable and predictable software releases, allowed them to upgrade rapidly, without disrupting their networks or operations."

Nominum supplies its DNS software to major cable operators, DSL broadband carriers and Internet service providers around the world. The company's DNS software is used by nearly half the global wired Internet broadband users.


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