Sunday, August 3, 2008

Motorola Centralizes Remote Management for Enterprise Mobile Devices

Motorola's Enterprise Mobility business released its Mobility Services Platform 3.2, offering enhanced management capabilities to maximize enterprise mobile device uptime and utilization among mobile workers.
The solution can be used to control up to 100,000 mobile devices across an enterprise's network. Network administrators can wirelessly provision mobile computers from virtually any location without having to physically handle devices when updating operating systems, firmware, applications and security to meet the latest IT compliance policies. For enterprise devices that are either lost or stolen, MSP 3.2 can lock down or wipe the device of key information based on local policy or remotely from the management console.

MSP 3.2 also provides access to a robust set of monitoring and analysis tools to improve enterprise mobile device reliability both inside and outdoors. It can collect enterprise device metrics including available memory and storage, battery usage, power cycles, scans, and wireless network signal quality.

MSP 3.2 is now shipping on Motorola MC35, MC50, MC70, and MC75 Enterprise Digital Assistants (EDA), MC3000 and MC9000 mobile computers, and Motorola Micro Kiosk self-service devices. Additionally MSP 3.2 supports a wide array of non-Motorola mobile devices such as mobile printers, signature capture pads and registers to ease device management for the network administrator.

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