Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ipanema Unveils New WAN Optimization Devices

Ipanema Technologies introduced a new generation of integrated WAN optimization devices.

The Ipanema Autonomic Networking System is built out of central software cooperating devices (called ip|engines). The ip|engines are typically positioned inline between the CPE router and the LAN in data-centers and branch office locations. The ip|engines perform a complete range of application traffic management functions including visibility, optimization and acceleration.

Ipanema's new generation of ip|engines offer greater performance as well as new innovative auxiliary ports for system extension.

The ip|e 5ax is a compact device that handles WAN traffic of up to 8 Mbps for both download and upload and 20/2 Mbps for download and upload. The ip|e 5ax sports an 80GB disk for improved caching capabilities. The device specification makes it ideal for branches fitted with modern ADSL2+ or SDSL links.

The ip|e 1800ax is a carrier grade device able to manage up to 1Gbps WAN traffic. It includes redundant power supply and three hot swap disks of 750GB with RAID capabilities. The new range also includes the ip|e 120ax, ip|e 140ax and ip|e 1000ax models to cope with the variety of WAN access bandwidths.

The new auxiliary ports are designed to attach external devices to the ip|engines. The ip|engines are able to selectively divert a part of the WAN traffic to the ports for external processing. The diverted flows are ensured to be individually monitored and optimized by the ip|engines before and after their transformation.

The new ip|engine line is available immediately. The ip|e 5ax price begins at $3,150. The ip|e 1800ax price begins at $51,000.

  • Earlier this month, Ipanema Technologies announced $7 million in new financing to expand its global geographic coverage and grow its R&D staffing.