Sunday, August 10, 2008

FCC Grants IDT Spectrum Key License Extensions

The FCC has extended IDT Spectrum's one thousand and thirty-four 39 GHz band licenses until June 1, 2012. These licenses cover Economic Areas (EAs) across all fifty states, including 175 markets and a population of approximately 285 million people.

In April, the FCC also extended the company's sixteen 28 GHz Local Multipoint Distribution Service ("LMDS") band licenses until June 1, 2012. IDT Spectrum's LMDS licenses cover sixteen Basic Trading Areas (BTAs) across the country.

Michael Rapaport, CEO of IDT Spectrum, applauded the FCC's action. "The FCC deserves credit for speeding the deployment of Wi-Max through the auction of the 700 MHz spectrum and these 39 GHz license extensions. Once again, the FCC has sided with consumers to increase competition and lower costs. IDT Spectrum is ideally positioned to serve this market with highly competitive backhaul solutions and Wi-Max build-outs."