Sunday, August 24, 2008

Crossbeam Launches Check Point FireWall-1 GX

Crossbeam Systems has certified Check Point's FireWall-1 GX product via the iBeam ISV Certification Program to run on Crossbeam's X-Series Next Generation Security Platform. Check Point's FireWall-1 GX will enable GSM mobile operators using GPRS-(2.5G) and UMTS-(3G) enabled wireless networks to protect themselves against a host of threats via Crossbeam's carrier-class security platform -- from over-billing attacks and theft of services to Denial of Service (DoS) attacks -- which can destroy their credibility with customers.

Crossbeam's iBeam ISV Certification Program is a testing environment that recreates the layered, core security architectures of large enterprise and service provider networks.

  • Crossbeam's X-Series line of security service switches feature up to 40 Gbps of unified threat management (UTM) security processing throughput in a single chassis. The hardware platform facilitates the consolidation, virtualization and simplification of security services delivery. Among its innovations, Crossbeam features “secure flow processing�?, which offers the ability to logically sequence flows from one virtualized instance of a security application to another. Secure flow processing enables security policy sequences to occur on a virtual plane, as if, for example, switches, load balancers, and patch cables were all physically installed between an intrusion prevention service and a firewall. This process is accomplished at wire speed, with active management of data flows and load balancing with “state�? maintained for firewalls and content gateways.