Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cox Deploys Crossbeam's Next Gen Security Platform

Cox Communications has deployed Crossbeam' Systems X-Series Next Generation Security Platform to protect its network infrastructure. Cox is the third-largest cable television company in the United States and serves 6.2 million total residential and commercial customers. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Crossbeam's X-Series line of security service switches feature up to 40 Gbps of unified threat management (UTM) security processing throughput in a single chassis. The highly scalable hardware platform facilitates the consolidation, virtualization and simplification of security services delivery. Among its innovations, Crossbeam features "secure flow processing", which offers the ability to logically sequence flows from one virtualized instance of a security application to another. Secure flow processing enables security policy sequences to occur on a virtual plane, as if, for example, switches, load balancers, and patch cables were all physically installed between an intrusion prevention service and a firewall. This process is accomplished at wire speed, with active management of data flows and load balancing with "state" maintained for firewalls and content gateways.

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