Monday, July 14, 2008

Xelerated Unveils GPON Silicon Design

Xelerated, which supplies merchant silicon to eight of the top ten Carrier Ethernet systems companies, unveiled a new reference design for GPON. Specifically, Xelerated's new HX300 family of network processor units (NPUs) and Ethernet switches can now interoperate with Broadlight's BL3458 controller. The fully integrated GPON solution enables carriers to deploy revenue-generating services in the access network while reducing costs, increasing time-to-market and ultimately enabling mass volume deployment.

Xelerated's HX300 family of devices offers seamless support of Broadlight's 2.5 G mode interface. The solution is suited for both Chassis-based GPON systems as well as ETSI-based pizzaboxes. The Chassis-based solution typically uses Xelerated's HX310 series of programmable Ethernet switches on the line card to reduce costs while Xelerated's HX330 series of NPUs is used on the uplink card to terminate TR-101 and Metro Ethernet Services, as well as ETSI-based pizzaboxes.

Xelerated said its solution enables network equipment vendors to increase their densities on the line card to 16 GPON ports per line card, driving down costs and power while increasing integration. The HX300-based reference design for GPON will be available in Q4 2008.

  • In June, announced its next-generation HX300 family of high performance network processors with integrated traffic management and fully-programmable Ethernet switches. The new silicon, which is designed for fiber access platforms, offers a combination of switching and processing functionality, enabling service-aware applications that readily adapt to changes in network conditions and optimize performance. It could be used in fixed-port, stackable and chassis- based networking systems that can be configured in mesh, ring, star, dual star and stackable topologies. The HX300 integrates 100-Gigabit, 40-Gigabit, 10-Gigabit and 1-Gigabit Ethernet ports. The HX300 is binary software-compatible with custom and Metro Ethernet Applications (MEA) that have already been developed for Xelerated's X10 and X11 NPU families.

    The HX300 leverages Xelerated's Dataflow packet processing architecture, ensuring wirespeed deterministic performance with programmability. The company said its NPU architecture scales to 100 Gbps full duplex. The advanced standards-based egress traffic management and the tight integration of the Xelerated Dataflow Architecture enables the HX300 family to support a QoS-aware distributed traffic management model for either chassis-based switching systems or meshed configurations. Triple play services are enabled by a flexible queue allocation and programmable hierarchy that enforces per-flow, per-subscriber, per-class Service Level Agreements and bandwidth guarantees.

    The HX300 family includes three core series: HX310, HX320 and the HX330. The HX310 consists of programmable Ethernet Switches for fiber access aggregation switches, GPON/EPON line cards, EADs. The HX320 Series is an NPU for CESR, Service Routers, Legacy Systems, 100 GE, 40 GE and OC-768 applications. The HX330 is an NPU with integrated Traffic Manager for CESR, Service Routers, GPON/EPON linecards, xDSL aggregation. The HX300 family will begin sampling in Q4 2008.


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