Tuesday, July 8, 2008

WildBlue Upgrades Its Satellite Internet Network

WildBlue Communications has completed a series of hardware and software system upgrades that have increased its total network capacity by more than 150,000 additional customers since the beginning of 2008. The upgrades bring WildBlue's total network capacity to over 640,000 customers, with capacity available throughout the entire country.

WildBlue said its most recent upgrade involves the addition of enhanced transmission link hardware and software technologies that enable transmission of 50 percent more information bits through the same existing radio link. As a result, an increase of nearly 50 percent in capacity is realized in beams that were previously upstream (return path) constrained.

WildBlue estimates that there are over 11 million households in areas throughout the United States where DSL or cable broadband services are not available and that over 7.5 million of these households are still accessing the Internet through a traditional dial-up connection.http://www.wildblue.com