Sunday, July 6, 2008

Verizon Business Enhances Calling Detail for Wholesale Customers

Verizon Business will begin offering greater call information granularity to its wholesale customers. Wholesale customers can gain additional detail about the costs of a call for their international termination services, enabling added control over expenses.

Wholesale customers also can take advantage of added information in the call-detail record (CDR) as well as improved CDR layout. Changes include expanded field lengths as well as new fields for additional detail that, in turn, increase the wholesale customers' ability to manage their e-billing activity, track costs, and match their daily CDRs to their monthly invoice. As a result of these CDR refinements, wholesale customers will have the ability to increase their competitive edge.

Later this summer, Verizon Business said it will also begin providing consolidated invoice reports for wholesale international termination services, allowing customers to view, monitor and audit call information -- all from one report. This report will be consolidated for both traditional voice and VoIP calls, saving wholesale customers valuable time by streamlining their call analysis process.

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