Monday, July 7, 2008

Tellme Opens Voice Services Platform for Microsoft Contact Center Partners

Tellme, a Microsoft subsidiary, is opening its voice services platform for contact center and customer care partners. The program, now available to the extensive Microsoft partner community, allows partner companies to bring flexible and cost efficient speech-based solutions to enterprise customers. The partner program provides access to Tellme's speech engineers, UI designers, developers and network operations professionals. More specifically, customer care and general practice partners gain the opportunity to market, sell and deliver voice recognition services using the automation capabilities of the Tellme platform.

Tellme said it will focus the next year on enabling partners to deliver and manage Tellme-based solutions.http://www.tellme.com

  • Tellme provides consumers with up-to-date information via its toll-free number (1-800-555-TELL).

  • Microsoft acquired Tellme in 2007.