Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sycamore Optical Switch Completes DISA Joint Interoperability Assessment Testing

Sycamore Networks' SN 9000 Intelligent Multiservice Switch has successfully completed interoperability testing with the US Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC). JITC assessment and approval is required for systems intended to participate in US Department of Defense networks.

The SN 9000 joins other Sycamore optical switching solutions -- including the previously certified SN 16000, SN 3000, and SILVX Network Management System -- in successfully completing JITC interoperability testing. By reaching this milestone with the SN9000, Sycamore has strengthened its position as an established provider of JITC-approved, core-to-edge optical switching solutions.

Sycamore's SN 9000 brings important new functionality to multiservice switching -- including unique bandwidth capacity licensing, service modularity, and any-service, any-port features -- in the 80-320 Gbps bandwidth range. It is designed to cost-effectively integrate multiple functions in a single, highly-compact system that can include low-order (VT/VC) and high-order (OC-n/STM-n) switching, add-drop multiplexing, advanced Ethernet services, and integrated optical transport.