Monday, July 21, 2008

Sweden's Icomera to acquire UK's Moovera Networks

Icomera AB has agreed to acquire UK-based Moovera Networks, a supplier of fixed and mobile communications systems.

Icomera specializes in Internet connectivity for trains, offering backhaul-agnostic communications gateways that support concurrent satellite, cellular and trackside networks in a single in-vehicle system. The technology automatically switches to use the best wide area network without session interruption.

With the acquisition of Moovera Networks, Icomera will add Moovera's multi-radio Moovbox product family to create the most advanced portfolio of fixed and mobile broadband gateways on the market. In addition to vehicular applications, Moovbox gateways have been used increasingly for public safety and outdoor municipal wireless applications, and by cellular network operators seeking to expand into Wi-Fi hotspot services.

"The market for Internet connectivity on public transport is developing at a very rapid pace," said Ola Sjolin, Chief Executive Officer at Icomera. "Whether for Wi-Fi hotspots, CCTV monitoring, vehicle tracking or streaming entertainment, real-time connections to buses and trains are increasingly in demand."http://www.icomera.com