Tuesday, July 8, 2008

ShoreTel Granted Two Patents in Unified Communications

ShoreTel has been granted two new U.S. patents in the area of unified communications.

The first, (US Patent 7,379,540) covers server backup capabilities across distributed IP telephony systems, increasing the survivability and fault tolerance of managing and routing voice calls over the IP network (LAN/WAN).

The second (US Patent 7,386,114) covers techniques for collecting and sharing information when multiple switches or servers are involved in a call.

ShoreTel said the patented technologies are part of its integrated system that scales seamlessly from 10 to tens of thousands of users. ShoreTel's unique architecture, which allows call processing to be distributed across multiple sites, switches, and servers, pulls information together from many sources to present call details for applications such as call accounting. Independent of device or location.http://www.shoretel.com