Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rohati Employs Cavium's OCTEON Plus processors

Rohati Systems is using multiple Cavium OCTEON Plus MIPS64 CN58XX 4-core to 16-core processors to power its new TNS Platform. The multiple Cavium OCTEON CN58XX 4-core and 16-core processors are used for different purposes including control-plane, data-plane, security and services acceleration. The system consists of OCTEON processors as the only programmable components connected with a low-latency fabric in appliance and modular-chassis form-factors. These systems deliver a scalable family of networking systems with leading performance, granularity and security for network-based entitlement control at layer 4 to layer 7 performance of up to 40Gbps with 6 Million traffic flows. Rohati's network-based entitlement control can be transparently deployed in the data center and applied across a broad range of applications and resources including Collaborative application such as Wikis and Microsoft SharePoint, unstructured data store such as CIFS file shares, packaged applications and legacy applications, in companies of all sizes.

Cavium Networks said its processors are being designed into market-leading networking equipment such as routers, switches, Unified Threat Management appliances, Layer 4+ content-aware switches, modular chassis switches, wireless infrastructure equipment, broadband router and wireless LAN access/aggregation points.http://www.caviumnetworks.com