Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Procera Employs RMI's Multi-core, Multi-threaded Processor

Procera Networks has selected RMI Corp's Multi-core Multi-threaded XLR Processor for its PacketLogic PL10000, a DPI appliance with up to 80Gbps of throughput. Procera's PacketLogic PL10000, which is purpose-built with Tier-1 broadband deployments in mind, leverages RMI's 8-core, 32-threaded XLR732 Processor. The XLR732 processor consists of an set of XLR cores enabling up to 32 threads, or virtual CPUs (vCPUs), in a single chip. The XLR's enhanced MIPS64 compatible cores implement fine-grained, 4-way multithreading combined with a multi-level hierarchy of caches, autonomous accelerators, and point-to-point interconnects for data and message transfers. The interconnects' full-speed operation augment application scalability and closely integrate the high performance main memory controllers, level-2 caches, 10Gbps accelerated security operations, and accelerated networking interfaces to deliver a processing solution running at frequencies of 800MHz -- 1.2GHz optimized for maximum throughput and workload efficiency.http://www.RMICorp.comhttp://www.proceranetworks.com/pl1000024470

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