Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Orange Business Services Launches "Unik" Corporate FMC

Orange Business Services is launching its "Unik" fixed-mobile convergence service for corporate customers. The service seamlessly integrates mobile and office phones. Employees can be reached anywhere by dialing one number, which rings their office and mobile phones at the same time. Voice messages go to one mailbox.

In addition, international calls from employees' mobile phones can be routed through their IP PBX to their Business Talk Global voice network, saving money. Business Talk Global is Orange Business Service's international voice offering.

Unik for corporate is the latest development in the Unik line of services, including Unik, packaged for the consumer market, and Unik for business, which is designed for small companies with fewer than 50 employees. Unik for business is currently available in France, Spain, U.K. and Poland. Unik for corporate is designed for businesses with more than 200 employees, and can support thousands of users with availability in over 200 countries.

Orange Business Services said key benefits include:

  • Lower cost: spend less because international mobile calls can be routed via a corporate IP PBX over Business Talk Global, instead of paying high international rates to your mobile phone provider. This also helps enterprises to track and control international calling costs.

  • Increased productivity
    : Unik for corporate increases employee productivity by enabling the use of advanced IP PBX call features from mobile phones through an easy to use menu, including corporate dial plan, call conferencing, call transfer and more.

  • Improved responsiveness: employees never miss an important call from a customer or colleague while away from the office, improving customer relationships. Callers reach them through a single number no matter where they are.

  • Simplified life: for employees, Unik for corporate allows people to call one number to reach them, whether they are at their desk or on the go. Plus, they can seamlessly hand off calls between a mobile and desk phone. Checking one voicemail box saves time and trouble as well.


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