Tuesday, July 8, 2008

OKI Launches “Visual Nexus�? Video Conference System

Oki Electric Industry introduced the latest version of its video conferencing system. The Visual Nexus offers enhanced functions for large-scale operation and includes a multi-tenant function that enables video conferences to be operated via application service providers. Specifically, OKI has added the following three functions to Visual Nexus ( ver3.2-3):

  • Enhancements enabling up to 5,000 users and devices to be managed on the video conference system. Up to 1000 devices to be connected simultaneously to the gatekeeper.

  • Functions to disperse server load. This averages out overall system load by identifying, from among multiple servers, the one with the least connection load and automatically allocates connections for individual devices.

  • Multi-tenant function to enable ASP operations. The number of service providers offering application services, including Saas, is expected to increase going forward. Application service providers need to minimize their capex and system management load by sharing a system with multiple tenants (companies). With the multi-tenant function, providers can set dedicated tenants for each user on a single system, which can then be managed independently. The system can thus be shared while maintaining security among tenants.

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