Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Internet2 to Provide Dedicated 10Gbps to GENI Effort

Internet2 has agreed tol donate a 10 Gbps dedicated circuit on its national backbone to support the GENI Project Office (GPO), located at BBN, and its subcontractors as they build and test prototypes of the GENI system. GENI subcontractors and developers will be able to access the circuit at every connection point on the network to enable nationwide collaboration on GENI prototypes.

GENI is envisioned as a national data communications laboratory, supporting experiments on a wide variety of advanced research in communications, networking, distributed systems, cyber-security, networked services, and applications. It is sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

BBN is currently negotiating with potential subcontractors who responded to the GPO's solicitation earlier this year and expects to announce the subcontracts shortly.http://www.geni.nethttp://www.internet2.edu

  • The Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI), a project managed by BBN Technologies, is funded by grants from the US National Science Foundation.