Monday, July 14, 2008

Infineon's DSL CPE Silicon Adds Concurrent Erasure Decoding and Retransmission for IPTV

Infineon Technologies has enhanced its portfolio of ADSL2+ and VDSL2 solutions for customer premise equipment (CPE) with an IPTV over DSL feature package with capabilities such as predictive error decoding (Erasure Decoding) and Gamma Layer Retransmission.

Erasure Decoding improves impulse noise immunity with no changes to the carrier DSLAM, and can achieve up to two times better error protection than a non-erasure decoding capable CPE in real world deployment scenarios. The Gamma Layer Retransmission mechanism utilizes an intelligent traffic shaping and discrimination algorithm, in conjunction with central office (CO) equipment.

Infineon said the enhancements enable the optimization of real time services, such as IPTV, VoIP or Internet gaming with settings for minimum delay and maximum error protection to guarantee the best possible user experience. Furthermore an embedded Packet Processing Engine enables wire speed routing throughput for all packet sizes. This Smart Acceleration technology boosts routing performance while reducing the workload of the CPU core in the Amazon-SE and Danube Infineon chipsets, and also in future CPE generation devices.

In addition to implementing the IPTV over DSL feature package, Infineon continues an extensive interoperability test program both in its own facilities and with independent test labs (ITL). Recently, KTL Laboratories, a worldwide accredited ITL, validated the interoperability of the Amazon-SE chip in compliance with the Broadband Forum's TR-067 and TR-100 requirements.

Infineon noted that it is the cumulative worldwide market share leader for xDSL CPE devices with more than 110 million units shipped since 2003.

  • In 2007, Infineon Technologies acquire Texas Instruments' DSL Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) business, adding to its own line of DSL silicon products.

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