Sunday, July 13, 2008

ECI Shows GPON with a High Bandwidth Network Processor

At the Broadband World Forum Asia Conference in Hong Kong, ECI Telecom, will showcase its high-bandwidth GPON optical line termination (OLT) with a built-in network processor . The next-gen GPON OLT features a built-in network processor in the GPON line card. The integrated network processor provides operators with unique service-enabling intelligence, such as advanced quality of service and security. It also allows for added flexibility, easily adapting to different network designs while providing system agility with the processing headroom for future upgrades.

ECI's Hi-FOCuS MSAN family simultaneously supports xDSL, VoIP and fiber access services in a single platform. The product family is part of ECI's recently announced 1Net offering, a comprehensive framework focusing on the optimized transition to next-generation networks, through the unique combination of multi-functional network equipment, fully integrated solutions and a suite of professional services to provide customers the highest level of support as they evolve their networks.