Monday, July 14, 2008

BridgeWave Debuts 60 GHz Point-to-Point Wireless Bridge

BridgeWave Communications, a start-up based in Santa Clara, California, announced the availability of its SLE100 point-to-point bridge that delivers highly reliable, low latency, wire-speed 100 Mbps full-duplex, half-mile (800-meter) connectivity. The product leverages BridgeWave's existing 60 GHz radios and is priced at under $10,000 per link.

Enterprises can take advantage of unlicensed spectrum (U.S. and Canada) to bridge their LANs. The narrow beam width of the antenna enables highly secure transmission. Additional security features are available through a FIPS certified 256-bit AES Encryption option.

BridgeWave said the combination of its 60 GHz radio architecture and its set of network management features enables "point-and-play" operation with no RF configuration required. Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) simplifies installation using existing CAT5 cable infrastructure.

  • In June 2007, BridgeWave Communications, a start-up based in Santa Clara, California, raised $10 million in Series 4 funding for its gigabit wireless solutions. The funding round was co-led by Intel Capital and a new investor, Core Capital, with participation from prior round venture capital firms Cipio Partners, SDL Ventures, and Merifin Capital. BridgeWave's Gigabit Ethernet wireless technology is aimed at future backhaul transport capacity. BridgeWave utilizes the upper millimeter-wave radio spectrum in the recently-allocated 60-90 GHz range, enabling the multi-gigabit per second wireless connectivity. The company also features proprietary "AdaptRate" technology and Forward Error Correction capabilities optimized for longer distances.

  • BridgeWave Communications is headed by Amir Makleff, who co-founded the company in 1999. Previously Amir served as COO and Senior VP of Engineering at Netro for three years. Previously to Netro, he was General Manager of Engineering and Marketing at Telco Systems and Nortel.

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