Thursday, July 10, 2008

ATIS Launches a Unified Call Routing Solution

ATIS outlined plans to achieve a standardized approach in support of the information, entertainment and communication industry's need for an interoperable inter-carrier VoIP call routing (IVCR) solution.

Specifically, ATIS has established a Inter-carrier Call Routing Working Group (IVCR-WG), which will examine the Centralized Upper Tier Registry (CUTR) model that was developed as a result of the ATIS-commissioned IVCR Focus Group. The IVCR-WG will analyze the CUTR for domestic and global scalability, flexibility to adapt to new service requirements, and its ability to meet performance expectations, such as support for high-volume bilaterals and reasonable query response times. Discussion and work within the IVCR-WG will begin immediately with results of the analysis anticipated to be available in Q3.

ATIS is a technical planning and standards development organization with more than 300 member companies.

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