Wednesday, June 11, 2008

XO and Infinera Demonstrate 100 Gigabit Ethernet

XO Communications and Infinera will team up to demonstrate 100 Gigabit Ethernet traffic in production-ready form over a live network at next week's NXTcomm08 show in Las Vegas. The demonstration will consist of an Ixia proof-of-concept 100 GbE test set generating and handing off a pre-standard IEEE 802.3ba 100 GbE signal to a 100 GbE interface on the Infinera DTN DWDM transport system. The 100 GbE signal will then be switched and transported by the Infinera DTN system from the show floor through XO Communications' long-haul DWDM network to Los Angeles. The 100GbE signal will then be looped and transported back to the Infinera booth in Las Vegas, where performance metrics will be monitored and viewable on the Ixia XM2 chassis.

In the NXTcomm08 demonstration, the 100 GbE signal is received from the Ixia test set and striped across ten 10 Gb/s wavelengths using Infinera's Digital Virtual Concatenation protocol, and then transmitted over the long-haul network by Infinera's Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC)-enabled DTN platform, before being reassembled by the Infinera system at the other end. The Tributary Adapter Module (TAM) in this demonstration, which fits into today's Infinera 100 Gb/s Digital Line Module (DLM), is in a commercially-suitable form-factor and ready for development into a commercial product.