Monday, June 9, 2008

WiChorus Unveils SmartCore Platform for 4G Networks

WiChorus, a start-up based in San Jose, California, unveiled its "SmartCore" platform for managing subscribers and monetizing services on WiMAX and long-term evolution (LTE) networks. WiChorus provides an order of magnitude greater throughput capacity over existing 3G platforms for delivering 4G mobile services on a large scale. In addition to performance, the platform incorporates deep packet inspection and peer-to-peer traffic-management capabilities at line rate for offering managed services.

WiChorus' SmartCore platforms provide the following capabilities:

  • Intelligent ASN Gateway

  • Intelligent Home Agent

  • WiMAX Mobile Internet Gateway

SmartCore platforms are also designed to support LTE Service Gateway, PDN Gateway, and Mobility Management Entity functions as well as Pico and Femto Gateway solutions.

The newest solution, the WiMAX Mobile Internet Gateway, provides all of the WiMAX core functions necessary to deploy Mobile WiMAX networks in a single SmartCore platform, simplifying initial WiMAX deployments.

The WiChorus SmartCore is a chassis-based platform that distributes control and content processing functions across its interconnected blades. Fully distributed carrier-grade software utilizes all the hardware resources across the chassis, on an as needed basis. The product family includes the following:

  • SC 1400 fully redundant carrier-grade platform with 14 slots.

  • SC 600 fully redundant, dense, carrier-grade platform with 6 slots

  • SC 20 and SC 100 appliances

The SmartCore platform also integrates extensive content management, QoS, and security functions on a per-subscriber, per-flow basis. These advanced features allow the SmartCore platform not only to be subscriber-aware, but also to be application-aware, which includes tracking hard-to-identify peer-to-peer applications.

WiChorus said this granular intelligence will provide operators with a comprehensive view of how their networks are being used and powerful tools for controlling and shaping traffic based on content. In addition to traffic control, the SmartCore's network intelligence enables operators to support highly differentiated content-based services, helping them monetize the Internet and deliver a positive ROI on their spectral investment.

Additional carrier-grade features include hot-swappable cards, N:M stateful failover, and redundant components throughout to ensure no single point of failure.

WiChorus noted that its SmartCore products are currently in over 10 active trials around the globe.
  • WiChorus was founded Rehan Jalil, who previously served as chief architect of WiMAX for Aperto Networks

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