Sunday, June 1, 2008

Virtela Launches Secure Video Extranet Service

Virtela introduced a Secure Video Extranet service that enables businesses to privately connect to video endpoints outside of their corporate perimeter to support telepresence and other videoconferencing applications with partners worldwide.

Virtela said its Secure Video Extranet service overcomes the challenges typically associated with videoconferencing between partner communities, where endpoints often reside on different carriers and Internet peering to connect them adds jitter, latency and packet loss that can severely impact video quality. Virtela optimizes video calls between partners via a multi-carrier network that exchanges video traffic between locations while bypassing public and private peering points and their inherent performance issues.

Virtela currently provides managed extranet services to many leading multinational corporations, and is applying that network and security expertise to video extranet requirements. By setting up and maintaining security policies between partners, for example, Virtela ensures security posture as trusted and untrusted environments become linked.

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