Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Verizon Targets 20% Energy Efficiency Gain in Telco Gear Starting in 2009

Verizon has established its own series of Telecommunications Equipment Energy Efficiency Ratings for new telecommunications-related equipment with the aim of cutting its carbon footprint.

The standards will be applied to certain broadband, video, data-center, network and customer-premises equipment purchased after Jan. 1, 2009. The target provided to the manufacturers of such equipment is 20 percent greater efficiency than today's gear.

Equipment to be tested and rated includes optical and video transport systems, switches and routers, DSLAM high-speed internet equipment and optical line termination gear, as well as switching power systems, data center servers and power adapters that operate customer equipment.

Verizon said its new requirements incorporate new applications of existing methodologies as outlined in SPECpower_ssj2008TM and the Energy Star programs combined with some innovative Verizon-led concepts and methods of measurement. The concepts and measurement methods have been submitted for consideration by appropriate standards bodies, such as ATIS' Network Interface, Power and Protection Committee (NIPP).

Verizon's new Energy Efficiency Requirements for Telecommunications Equipment are posted online.