Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Verizon Selects Fujitsu Packet Optical Networking Platform for Transport Infrastructure

Verizon has selected Fujitsu Network Communications' FLASHWAVE 9500 platform

to enhance the metro transport infrastructure within Verizon markets in the United States. The deployment will support and consolidate SONET, Ethernet, and wavelength services traffic in a variety of applications. In the FiOS network this infrastructure will facilitate deployment of packet-based services for Verizon customers, including high-definition video on demand, higher-speed Internet access, and advanced voice services. The contract is the result of the Verizon Packet OTP RFP process. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Verizon will be utilizing several NETSMART management software tools that are common to Fujitsu optical networking products to capitalize on the operational familiarity among personnel in the Verizon regions. The Fujitsu NETSMART 1500 Element Management System (EMS) will allow Verizon to support inventory flow-back, provisioning flow-through and fault management for their entire network of Fujitsu network elements. The NETSMART 2000 optical network design tool, which removes the complexity of creating DWDM/ROADM optical network designs, will be used to expedite deployment of the FLASHWAVE 9500 platform.

"We are extremely excited to continue our 25-year relationship with Verizon as a trusted supplier that is committed to Verizon's success," said George Chase, group president and chief operating officer at Fujitsu Network Communications.http://us.fujitsu.com/telecom

  • Earlier this month, Fujitsu Network Communications announced Provider Backbone Bridging with Traffic Engineering (PBB-TE) support for their newly announced FLASHWAVE CDS and existing FLASHWAVE 9500 packet optical networking platforms. PBB-TE fits into the metro aggregation network where it serves the critical need of collecting and backhauling Ethernet circuits from access locations back to the multi-service edge, which is the gateway to the backbone IP/MPLS network. The Fujitsu packet optical networking platforms allow service providers to create a distributed, connection-oriented Ethernet aggregation and transport infrastructure that natively delivers Ethernet private line and virtual private line services, and backhauls Ethernet traffic to the IP service edge.