Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Veraz Launches its iMN Multimedia Delivery Platform

Veraz Networks introduced its iMN Multimedia Delivery Platform, a compact switch that enables service providers to deliver TDM, VoIP and web services. The new platform, which is based on the same technology as Veraz's widely-deployed ControlSwitch, scales to 15,000 subscribers. The iMN integrates support for IP and TDM services, enabling legacy TDM switch upgrades, VoIP network peering, IP-based end user services and web applications, as well as WiMAX buildouts. The iMN is a carrier-grade, NEBS-compliant platform.

Veraz will offer its iMN as a packaged solution, pre-loaded with all required software, designed for easy deployment and management, right out of the box. For on-going support, Veraz provides network operators with a suite of e-learning and professional services training.

The iMN can also be customized with a number of value-added extensions including a complete prepaid billing application as well as Veraz's IP access and peering security solution. The company said its combination of these extensions with the platform's session routing engine, open interfaces and TDM interconnect capabilities provides operators with an easy to use advanced services platform. Other iMN extensions include Veraz's I-Gate 4000 media gateway platforms, Distributed Signaling Gateway and the verazVirtu softclient.

Veraz has also developed a special replacement program for service providers currently using Verso's Clarent softswitch. The iMN offer will enable existing Verso customers to maintain service offerings with a solution that will not only continue to grow but also with full support.

  • In May, Veraz Networks outlined key elements of its Multimedia Generation Network (MGN) architecture for helping service providers to rapidly deploy customized multimedia services while preserving and extending the capabilities of legacy application suites.

    Veraz's MGN architecture, which builds on the company's existing product set and the IMS framework, aims to open up the telecom service creation environment to partners and third-party developers. The network would be client-aware and seamlessly support multiple access network technologies to ensure consistency of service as well as service mobility. The company said that by eliminating the silo approach to service creation and delivery and replacing it with a unified service delivery and management platform, operators can quickly introduce new revenue generating services and lower the cost to deliver their existing services.

    Veraz's MGN architecture consists of three layers: Media, Control and Service Delivery, tied together by a unifying management layer.