Sunday, June 1, 2008

Veraz Introduces I-Gate 4000 Session Bandwidth Optimizer

Veraz Networks introduced its I-Gate 4000 Session Bandwidth Optimizer (SBO) for helping service providers to reduce the bandwidth required for VoIP trunks by up to 67% while maintaining toll quality and high reliability. The I-Gate 4000 SBO is currently in trial with several service providers.

Veraz said that in many cases, IP transport costs represent the single largest expense for operators offering VoIP services. The platform helps service providers and large enterprises to minimize the cost of bandwidth as they extend the reach of their VoIP networks and migrate from TDM to next generation all-IP networks.

The I-Gate 4000 SBO, which is built on the company's I-Gate 4000 platform, uses RTP multiplexing technology. It leverages the TDM-IP compression technology already available on the I-Gate 4000 platform without reducing the quality or reliability of VoIP services. A limited version of the bandwidth optimization technology used in the SBO is also available on Veraz's recently announced Network-adaptive Border Controller product family.

The I-Gate 4000 PRO is a toll-quality, high quality VoIP media gateway for TDM-to-TDM and TDM-to-VoIP.