Sunday, June 15, 2008

Softbank Telecom and Bay Microsystems Deploy Multi-Site Disaster Recovery for VMware

SOFTBANK TELECOM Corp. has deployed Bay Microsystems' ABEx2020 Multi-Service Transport Gateway to deliver high-performance carrier Infiniband services as part of its Wide Area Virtualization infrastructure and to demonstrate its automated multi-site disaster recovery solution.

The Wide Area Virtualization infrastructure, implemented between SOFTBANK TELECOM data centers in Tokyo and Osaka (approximately 500 km apart), included virtualization of servers, storage, and I/O. Infiniband was adopted as the datacenter network, providing the highest performing unified server and storage solution. SOFTBANK TELECOM successfully demonstrated the automated recovery of VMware virtual servers at the remote data center and the ability to migrate VMware servers between data centers live without interruption.

The Bay Microsystems ABEx 2020 Multi-Service Transport Gateway enabled SOFTBANK TELECOM to extend the Infiniband network between data centers across their wide area OC-192 SONET network. Ethernet services were also provisioned from the same ABEx 2020 in order to interconnect the network management network at both sites. The ABEx 2020 delivers multiple services, including carrier Infiniband, at line rate speeds across any metro or wide area network. This enabled SOFTBANK TELECOM to extend high performance server virtualization, storage virtualization, and I/O virtualization between multiple datacenters.

Additional contributions to the solution included I/O virtualization from Xsigo Systems, Inc., storage virtualization and mirroring from DataCore Software Corporation and integration assistance from Sumisho Computer Systems Corporation (SCS).

Bay Microsystems will also be showcasing Wide Area Virtualization at this week's NXTcomm 2008 in Las Vegas.

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