Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Salira Develops Multi-wavelength PON, DOCSIS-over-PON

Salira Systems, which offers an MEF-certified EPON platform, has unveiled a multi-wavelength EPON solution that enables carriers to quadruple their PON capacity using CWDM, and a DOCSIS-over-EPON ("DePON") solution that will enable cable operators migrate from an HFC architecture to FTTx while maintaining their existing DOCSIS and OSS operating procedures.

Salira's Multi-Wavelength PON (or "MW-PON") solution enables carriers and operators to quadruple the bandwidth capacity of existing fiber networks. Salira's solution uses an implementation of CWDM to increase bandwidth capacity from 1 Gbps to 4 Gbps on each fiber feeder without any upgrades to the outside plant. On the CPE side, Salira uses SFP modules for the specific wavelength.

Salira's new DePON provides symmetrical capacity of up to 4Gbps per fiber feeder. Cable operators might use the architecture to grow their residential customer base in greenfield applications while they simultaneously compete for a larger share of the commercial market. DePON would coexist with existing DOCSIS-based systems such that cable operators can opportunistically implement solutions that best fit the requirements of varying deployment types.

Compared with CWDM implementations, Salira said its point-to-multipoint solutions are far more economical than point-to-point configurations. Furthermore, point-to-point CWDM solutions require their own network management systems. In contrast, Salira's DePON system allows one pre-existing OSS to control both residential and commercial deployments simultaneously. All current billing and maintenance systems are unchanged, and there is no need to re-train network operators familiar with DOCSIS. Furthermore, as the 10Gbps EPON standards are ratified, operators will be able to increase bandwidth capacity and expand service offerings accordingly without any changes to the fiber plant or the management platform.

MW-PON and DePON can be used together to leverage the benefits of both solutions in one implementation.http://www.salira.com

  • Salira, which was founded in 2000, was acquired by Hitachi in 2005.

  • More than 200,000 subscribers are currently being served by Salira's EPON platform.

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