Sunday, June 15, 2008

Road to 100G Alliance Forms Technical Committee

The Road to 100G Alliance has formed an official Technical Committee chartered to identify gaps in technology and standards that could impact the rollout of 100G OTN and Ethernet networking platforms. Lalit Merani, Product Planning Manager at Lattice Semiconductor Corporation, has been appointed the Chairperson of the Technical Committee and will oversee the committee's Working Groups.

The first two Working Groups formed by the committee will focus on Optical Interfaces and Electrical Interfaces in the data path. The committee members will liaise with other organizations such as the Ethernet Alliance, IEEE, Interlaken Alliance, ITU-T, OIF and others that already have begun addressing some of the potential issues. The charter of the groups will be to evaluate existing and developing technology and standards to highlight issues and to make recommendations if conflicts or gaps exist as they relate to 100G component and system designs.

These Working Groups address two of the seven technical areas identified by the Road to 100G Alliance as potential impediments to the implementation of 100G platforms.

"Interoperability of 100G optical and electrical components represents two of the most critical areas that need early resolution if 100G systems are to reach the market quickly," said Lalit Merani, Technical Committee Chairperson. "That is why we have chosen these two groups to initiate our technical efforts."

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