Wednesday, June 11, 2008

RadiSys Adds Video Conferencing Capabilities to Convedia Media Server

RadiSys introduced two new video conferencing enhancements to Convedia media server family. The RadiSys Convedia media server's new "continuous presence" (CP) video conferencing mode supports multiple real-time video streams within a unified multi-pane display to deliver an "immersive" video experience for desktop conferencing users.

The RadiSys Convedia CMS-9000 media server already supports Voice-Activated Switching (VAS) so that all video conference participants see an identical real-time video stream of the active speaker.

RadiSys said its approach of offering video mixing capabilities through an open standards-based Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Media Server Markup Language (MSML) interface offers distinct benefits compared to traditional Multimedia Conferencing Unit (MCU) products.

Video conferencing capabilities supporting both H.263 and H.264/MPEG4 (Part 10) video codecs are now available for the RadiSys Convedia CMS-9000 media server.