Sunday, June 8, 2008

Qosmos Extends DPI with Data Extraction Tools

Qosmos announced the launch of its next generation software and appliances, Qosmos ixEngine and Qosmos ixMachine, based on Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology.

Whereas existing DPI solutions monitor and analyze network traffic, Qosmos said its technology extends the capabilities of DPI with an ability to not only monitor, but also extract information traveling over networks in real-time, what it calls "ixDPI" (for information extraction using DPI). Qosmos ixEngine is a Software Development Kit that enables metadata and content extraction for a creating a database view of the network.
It can analyze more than 300 different communication protocols representing thousands of applications, and extract over 3,000 characteristics in information flows on any IP network, whether public, private or mobile. Custom protocol and application signatures can be developed on demand by Qosmos' engineering team or by Qosmos' customers; the software was designed for easy integration with fully documented APIs.

  • Qosmos was established in 2000 by members of the LIP6 Computer Research Laboratory in Paris. The company is backed by Sofinnova Partners, Alven Capital and GfK AG.

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