Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Nortel Realigns 4G Strategy, Teams with Alvarion on WiMAX

Nortel announced a re-alignment of its 4G wireless broadband strategy including plans to focus its own wireless R&D resources on 4G LTE and wireless applications, while partnering with Alvarion to address WiMAX opportunities.

Nortel is targeting its 4G portfolio to capitalize on the rapidly growing market opportunities associated with wireless broadband - and to help operators meet these needs quickly," said Richard Lowe, president, Carrier Networks, Nortel. "WiMAX will provide fast, cost-effective coverage and mobile broadband capabilities for early movers in the wireless broadband market. LTE will provide the high-speed, high-capacity mobile broadband network evolution sought by many established network operators, allowing them to offer not only faster connections but also an enriched user experience that includes real-time services such as mobile TV, web services, mobile advertising, and carrier-hosted services for businesses."

The partnership with Alvarion features the integration of Alvarion's radio access network technology with Nortel's core network solutions, backhaul solutions, applications such as Nortel's number one carrier VoIP solution, and Nortel Global Services for WiMAX. The deal also covers the resale by Nortel of the Alvarion platform of WiMAX access products in order to form the end-to-end solution for customers. Alvarion's development of its portfolio of leading-edge WiMAX base stations will be accelerated by Nortel's contribution of resources, expertise, and funding to enhance the development of the joint solution. Both companies will also work together to perform Interoperability Testing (IOT). Alvarion will focus on device to network interoperability testing and Nortel will concentrate on the end-to-end network integration with the IP core, and applications. In order to incentivize the parties to engage in these activities, during the term of the agreement, Alvarion will be Nortel's exclusive supplier of WiMAX IEEE 802.16(e) 2X2/2X4 macro base stations and both parties have agreed to designate account leads in order to go to market in the most efficient and effective manner.

In addition, Nortel has appointed Scott Wickware as the general manager of WiMAX.http://www.nortel.comhttp://www.alvarion.com