Sunday, June 22, 2008

Nokia to Acquire Plazes for Location Awareness

Nokia agreed to acquire Plazes AG, a start-up developing a location-aware social networking service, for an undisclosed sum.
Plazes is a privately-owned company of 13 people with its principal operations in Berlin. After closing, Plazes will become part of Nokia's Services & Software unit.

Plazes is offering a context-aware social-activity service that people can use to plan, record, and share their social activities: why they are at a given location at a given time, whether in the past, present or future. Plazes adds the elements of "place" and "time" to social networking through features that allow people to alert friends of their activity and location; review their own and others' past activities; share their experiences and make plans with friends, who are then able to respond with comments and suggestions as well as their own location information.