Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Forum Established to Address Network Security -- ICASI

A new Industry Consortium for Advancement of Security on the Internet (ICASI) has been founded by Cisco, IBM, Intel, Juniper Networks and Microsoft, with the aim of enhancing global IT security by proactively driving excellence and innovation in security response.

ICASI's mission is to provide a forum for global companies committed to proactively addressing complex, multi-product security threats and to better protecting enterprises, governments and citizens, as well as the critical IT infrastructures that support them.

The founding companies said their action is necessitated by the increasing sophistication of Internet attacks and the integration of applications, now common in IT environments, that pose real challenges for IT vendors. Online attacks occur more frequently and in more rapid succession, while often spanning international boundaries.

ICASI does not seek to respond to every product security issue that emerges, but rather the consortium is designed to respond to and ideally reduce the potential customer impact of global, multi-vendor cyber threats. The organization is organized around four guiding principles.

  • Customer security - Through ICASI's collaboration and leadership, IT vendors will be better able to identify and resolve multi-vendor security threats quickly, thereby helping to reduce the security threat impact and improve customer security.

  • Agility and effectiveness - ICASI is committed to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of multi-vendor threat resolution and security response practices.

  • Collaboration and trust - ICASI creates a unique environment where information, necessary to quickly solve security-related threats, can be shared, as appropriate.

  • Leadership and innovation - ICASI includes leading IT companies from around the world and leverages their expertise to innovate security response excellence, which it shares with the industry.