Monday, June 16, 2008

NEC Unveils IMS-Enabled Residential and Business Services

NEC Corporation of America (NEC) announced the availability of residential and business IMS-enabled services on its "Light IMS" solution, which is realized by its Service Convergence Integrated Platform (SCI-P), a carrier-grade converged multimedia and SIP-based network architecture.

At this week's NXTcomm08, NEC is showing two end-user focused services: Home Monitoring for the residential market, and Unified Communications (UC)/Centrex, a voice-centric SaaS (Software as a Service)-based offering that addresses business telephony requirements. These new-generation services will enable users to communicate and work more efficiently, by delivering a combination of applications to a single device -- further driving the paradigm shift from a network-centric approach to a customer-driven service delivery model.

NEC's Home Monitoring service enables end-users to receive customized home security updates on any IP-enabled device. The seamless convergence of wireless/wireline access and an end-user's Home Monitoring service, allows the IP network to carry information to the end-user device; informing them of a potential security breach. As the network and services are all SIP-based, operators can rapidly roll-out these highly-scalable service offerings that work in a device-agnostic environment.

NEC is also targeting the business market with its UC/Centrex service. This VoIP offers end-users value-added enterprise-ready telephony services, in a carrier-hosted environment. In addition to lowered operational expenditures for PBX service features achieved through minimal maintenance, management and training costs, end-users receive a variety of advanced premium service features by working with CRM (Customer Relation Management) through their API. Premium services include: Social Networking, Dynamic Conferencing, Click-to-Call, Voice Recording, among others. Additionally, as part of the UC/Centrex platform, NEC offers business users a Web Universal Communications service, which allows multiple sites to share documents by using a Web browser and a regular telephone set, without the need for special client devices.

The Home Monitoring and UC/Centrex services are available today for either trial or deployment on NEC's SCI-P. Additional services available include: NEC's Background Music Call service, IP Messaging service, Web Phone Book service, among others. Additionally, the NC7000, NC9000 and NC5000-software suites are available for carrier-grade deployments today. SCI-P employs some of these software suites in a one-package implementation. NEC currently has a number of global operators optimizing services on its SCI-P/NGN platform.

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