Monday, June 16, 2008

Motorola's One Point Wireless Software for Design, Deployment and Mgt.

Motorola released a new set of software products for designing, deploying and managing outdoor wireless networks. The new Motorola One Point Wireless Suite features MeshPlanner, PTP LINKPlanner and introduces Motorola's new Wireless Manager which provides IT managers and network operators enhanced visibility and control of Motorola's wireless broadband products.

Motorola said its One Point Wireless offers planning software to take the guesswork out of designing networks for optimal coverage, capacity and performance. Template-based configuration automates and speeds device configuration. The visually enhanced management software allows operators to see every node in the network and enables the efficient management of the entire system -- including the access, backhaul and mesh layers. Automated device monitoring facilitates performance verification and accelerated problem detection and resolution.

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