Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Microsoft to Acquire MobiComp for Mobile Personal Data Protection

Microsoft agreed to acquire MobiComp, a Portuguese software company that helped pioneer technologies allowing the backup and restoration of mobile data and mobile posting of social content to Web sites such as Facebook. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Microsoft said the acquisition would extend its vision to provide compelling experiences that span work and play across mobile phones, the Web and PCs. Terms of the planned acquisition are not being disclosed.

MobiComp's mobile services include MobileKeeper Backup & Restore, MobileKeeper Sharing & Communities, and Active mTicker. These services help mobile operators and people around the world back up personal content stored on a phone, publish updates to online communities, and get entertainment and news content delivered to phones. Its customer list includes 11 mobile operators worldwide.

Microsoft noted that fifty handset makers build on the Windows Mobile platform, and 160 mobile operators in 55 countries carry Windows Mobile phones. The services of Windows Live, including one of the largest free instant messaging services and blogging services, run on every major mobile operating system worldwide.

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