Sunday, June 15, 2008

Microsoft Mediaroom Powers 2 Million TV Sets Worldwide

Microsoft Mediaroom reached 1 million subscriber homes in the first quarter of this year and now Mediaroom is powering connected TV services on more than 2 million TV sets worldwide.

It took Mediaroom 18 months to reach its first million TVs and only five months, more than three times faster, to reach its second million TVs. Microsoft now counts 20 Service Provider customers for its Mediaroom IPTV platform.

Microsoft also announced six new additions to the Mediaroom partner ecosystem today, including:

  • System Integrators: HP, Tech Mahindra, 180Squared

  • Quality of Service Assurance: Agilent, IneoQuest. . Specific measurement and performance indicators Agilent and IneoQuest's solutions will provide include effective packet loss, taking into account Microsoft Mediaroom's unique error-correction methods that enable high resilience to network performance degradation; Analysis of audiovisual bit rates; Ongoing assessment of instant channel-changing effectiveness; and Continual observation of round-trip latency between Microsoft Mediaroom servers and clients.

  • Encoding Solution Provider: Harris' NetVX range of H.264/MPEG-4 standard-definition (SD) video networking encoders have completed encoder conformance testing for use with the Mediaroom platform.

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