Tuesday, June 17, 2008

MetaSwitch and TI Collaborate on Enhanced VoIP Monitoring

MetaSwitch has selected standards-based voice quality analysis technology from Texas Instruments (TI) for its media gateway products. This analysis technology will enhance the network monitoring capabilities of its MetaView network management system.

With the addition of this proactive monitoring and reporting feature across MetaSwitch's entire media gateway product line, service provider networks will be alerted to potential call quality issues -- even while the call is still connected. This real-time feature will allow service providers to more dynamically address a wide range of network problems, resulting in users experiencing greater overall satisfaction with their voice service.

Introduced in January 2008, the MetaView network management system enabled carriers to monitor the health of the entire VoIP network, with real-time statistics superimposed on a graphical display of the network topology. In that first release, these statistics included packet loss, delay, and jitter. The addition of TI's quality management technology in every MetaSwitch gateway will enable additional standards-based statistics such as estimated mean opinion score (MOS) to be provided.

Real-time VoIP quality monitoring is a key element of TI's PIQUA software, and leverages the IETF RFC 3611, Real Time Control Protocol Extended Reports (RTCP-XR) standard, providing a call by call, standards-based quality metric calculation and reporting mechanism. In addition, PIQUA software interoperates with other devices on the network complying with this standard, allowing widespread use across disparate service provider networks.http://www.ti.com/piqua