Monday, June 23, 2008

LSI Introduces First 12 Gbps Tarari Content Processing Board

LSI introduced its Tarari 8400 series of PCI Express "plug-and-play" content processor boards designed to meet the high-performance needs of network security and telecom OEMs. The company said the new Tarari 8400 offers scalable performance up to 12 Gbps at half the price per Gbps and one-fourth the power of current solutions. LSI's Tarari can automatically detect and load balance up to four of the boards, providing up to 48 Gbps total throughput.

The LSI Tarari content processor family can be used for providing security, quality of service, content-based billing and bandwidth management functions. These solutions support common industry interfaces and a common application programming interface. The Tarari 8400 series consists of four boards offering performance levels of 3 Gbps, 6 Gbps, 9 Gbps and 12 Gbps and supporting PCIe 8 lane interfaces from a wide range of multi-core processors including Intel Xeon, AMD Opteron, Cavium Octeon Plus or RMI XLS. Samples are expected to be available in September.

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