Sunday, June 22, 2008

Juniper Expands its s J-Care Technical Services

Juniper Networks has expanded its J-Care program with a family of performance-enabling services that combine automation features with personalized, proactive services, made possible by the intelligence and automated capabilities of new Advanced Insight Solutions (AIS).

J-Care Technical Services are designed to provide visibility into network assets, proactively identify potential device problems, help accelerate incidence resolution and ensure organizations can adapt and maintain a technical foundation for business agility to optimize the value of high-performance networks.

Leveraging Juniper's JUNOS 9.0 software, AIS provides a set of tools and technologies to automate the delivery of network and device information for proactive network protection and support services. AIS will be used to enable three new Technical Services:

  • J-Care Efficiency Services: AIS will send automated information on the network and its devices to customers to help identify any potential risks and reduce the time necessary for problem identification, troubleshooting and communication with technical support.

  • J-Care Continuity Services: In addition to the AIS-enabled automation features, this service includes access to Insight Technical Assistance -- immediate access to senior-level technical engineers for priority 1 and 2 issues -- as well as a Service Management Desk for case escalation.

  • J-Care Agility Services: Combining the benefits of AIS with highly personalized support and consultative services, J-Care Agility Services include proactive product reporting, access to insight technical assistance and a service manager to handle all services requests to help avoid incidents and ensure peak network performance. J-Care Agility Services offer the insight about the network that is required to maintain business agility. Advanced Options provide consulting services that help organizations address their forward-looking goals.

Each new service contains the basic levels of J-Care Essential Services, which includes 24x7 access to the Juniper Technical Assistance Center (JTAC), immediate access to the latest software releases, access to the Customer Support Center and options for hardware replacement. These new services will be available in both direct and partner branded versions.