Wednesday, June 25, 2008

JDSU's PathTrak Identifies MPEG Impairments, Provides DOCSIS 3.0 Measurements

JDSU released a new PathTrak Video Monitoring (PVM) System and a new PathTrak RPM3000 System module aimed at ensuring high-quality delivery of video, VoIP and high-speed data services over cable networks.

The PVM System helps operators segment forward path video problems by proactively monitoring for RF and MPEG impairments. In addition, PVM software provides network engineers and technicians with web-based access to both live and historical RF and MPEG performance measurements throughout the network, speeding troubleshooting time.

The new PathTrak Return Path Monitoring System module, the RPM3000, expands visibility into upstream digital network performance and provides proactive DOCSIS 3.0 measurement and certification capabilities, including analysis of live spectrum, modulation error rate (MER) and quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM).