Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hutchison 3G Austria Flattens it Network Architecture with NSN

Hutchison 3G Austria is moving to a flatter architecture in its packet core network by deploying direct tunnel functionality from Nokia Siemens Networks. The technology, which is software upgrade, allows data traffic to bypass the Serving Gateway Support Node (SGSN), which in traditional core setup is responsible for the signaling and user data at the same time. Thus the direct tunnel feature, by bypassing SGSN, reduces the load on its capacity and lowers transmission network costs. It allows operators to balance the use of network resources and prepare for LTE and the streamlined core networks of the future. In addition to the SGSN and the direct tunnel feature, Nokia Siemens Networks also is providing 3G Austria with the NetAct network management and service management solution for maximizing network performance as well as implementation services.

Nokia Siemens Networks said that by modernizing its packet core, Hutchison 3G Austria boosts its network performance to higher speeds and capacity to handle all its data traffic through a single node for the foreseeable future. Direct tunnel also offers a clear migration path to future mobile network technologies, like Long Term Evolution (LTE).

Nokia Siemens Networks also noted that it now has over 15 direct tunnel deployments since delivering its first commercial solution in 2007.

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