Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ethernet Alliance Forms Data Center Subcommittee

The Ethernet Alliance has formed a Data Center subcommittee, chartered to be a reference and resource for IT professionals for both existing and emerging data center-focused Ethernet technologies and standards.

In addition to assisting users and developers of Ethernet, the Data Center subcommittee will identify areas where technical work may be needed to provide enhancements, enabling Ethernet to remain the best choice for IT professionals to meet their growing data center networking requirements.

The Ethernet Alliance said it will work closely with IEEE 802 task force members and T11 members to promote emerging standards for data center networking, including IEEE 802.1 Data Center Bridging and Congestion Notification, multiple IEEE 802.3 projects, and T11 FC-BB-5 for Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE).

The subcommittee also plans to sponsor private interoperability test events for various data center Ethernet technologies through third-party test facilities, and will work collaboratively to produce white papers and educational material. To lead the effort, Anthony Faustini of Cisco was elected as technical chair, and Sunil Ahluwalia of Intel as marketing chair.

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